Founded in 1982, Sanchez Associates, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of quality hybrid microelectronics. Initially, Sanchez designed a high performance Pin Driver circuit from a black box specification for automatic test equipment. During our first year, we began manufacturing this high reliability, high performance circuit in volume. Because of our design and manufacturing expertise, we grew to become the supplier of choice to aerospace and military markets where a premium is placed on size and performance. Over time, we have continued to expand our capabilities--designing and producing signal processing, data acquisition, instrumentation, multi chip digital circuits, and power hybrids. Our circuits can be found in the Space Station, commercial avionics (Boeing, Airbus, etc.), military missiles, planes, helicopters, aircraft carriers, submarines and high reliability industrial and medical products.

For our aerospace and military customers, we design, manufacture and screen complex circuitry to MIL-PRF-38534, including conformance and periodic inspection.

Sanchez is especially proud that each newly designed circuit we have built has worked the first time. We believe this results from attention to detail coupled with our commitment to learn and understand customer requirements and appreciate customers' unique problems from the beginning.

Sanchez is an SBA certified SDB.

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